Help Your Home Look New Again

how to help your home look new again

Whether you’ve lived in your house for 10 months or 10 years, the elements can take a toll on the exterior.  Fortunately, there are many ways in which we can help to restore your home to its full glory.  Power washing offers the benefits of an instant before-and-after makeover—without the expensive renovation bills.  Not sure it’s safe for your surfaces?  Well, there are few areas we can’t improve with our soft washing technique. Here’s how to help your home look new again:

Concrete & Masonry

With bricks, natural stone, concrete, and other porous surfaces, traditional pressure washing can be too much.  Especially on older homes, the force of the water alone can damage fragile masonry. Fortunately, at Peak Power Wash, we specialize in a soft wash technique that allows us to work with delicate materials without issue.  This type of power washing uses less pressure, less water, and a custom blend of chemicals that’s gentle enough for stone surfaces—as well as the surrounding landscape.  Still, it’ll remove layers of dirt and grime, making your home look instantly refreshed! No additional masonry required.


When it comes to features in your landscape design, you want to be careful with power washing.  It’s not so much the pressure itself that can be a problem.  It’s more about the runoff from your sidewalks, retaining wall(s) patio, pavers, sidewalks, and more.  Which is why we only use biodegradable cleaners that won’t harm your surroundings. Keep in mind, these items often bridge the gap between your interior and exterior entertaining spaces.  So any dirt, moss, mold, or allergens on them can easily be tracked inside.  If you’re concerned about specific allergies, let us know!  We can customize our approach to your specific home and issues. Not only will this rejuvenate your outdoor areas, but also it can improve the health and wellness of your family!   

Natural Wood

Many websites caution homeowners against pressure washing natural wood surfaces—like those typically used for fencing and decking.  But they don’t mention anything about soft washing!  Rather than using too much force, we’ll take the time to apply the right cleaners and achieve a brand-new looking finish.  Without the risk of splinters or cracks.  You may be surprised by how the wood looks under all of that dust, mildew, and other stains!  If you want to refinish it after it’s had a chance to dry out with a new stain, it’ll look like a completely different deck or fence.   

Honestly, there’s a lot we can do to make your home’s exterior look new again!  As you watch the years of dirt and grime literally melt away with our soft washing technique, you won’t believe what you’ll find underneath.  For cosmetic issues, a professional power washing will give you the results of a home makeover at a fraction of the cost.  Whether it’s your decking, fencing, sidewalks, siding, patio, porch, or other space, call us today for a free estimate!  At Peak Power Wash, we pride ourselves on environmentally-friendly results.  Wait until you see why. 



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