Happy Halloween from Peak Power Wash

Whether it’s your favorite holiday, or not, Halloween has finally arrived!  It’s time to light up those decorations, pass out some candy, and enjoy the feeling of fall—before all the Christmas decorations to go up.  At Peak Power Wash, we provide more than pressure washing services.  We’re a community-driven local company (based in Carroll County, Maryland) that’s here to help our friends, clients, and neighbors.  Not sure how we can help you have the best Halloween ever?  Well, read on to find out.

Welcome Ghouls & Gals

If you’re participating in your neighborhood’s trick-or-treat event, then you want to make sure you’re ready!  Stock up on candy, put those decorations on display, and turn on the lights.  To help welcome your guests, you should also make sure the walkway(s) leading up to your front door are clear and safe.  Put away any outdoor equipment you may have and let us help you clean up that sideway and/or pavers. If the footpath is hard-to-see under all the overgrowth, we can help you restore it with a quick power wash!  When you add a few well-placed lights along the route, trick-or-treaters will have no trouble finding your front door.

After the Main Event…

Come tomorrow, it’ll be time to take down all those festive fall decorations and prepare for the next holidays.  During this switch, it’s the perfect time for a professional cleaning!  While a dingy exterior may have suited the spooky vibe of Halloween, it’s not going coordinate as well with your Thanksgiving or Christmas décor.  Let us come in, clear away any lingering cobwebs (real or fake) and pressure wash your deck, fence, sidewalks, siding, and more!  It may be your last chance of the year to take advantage of this service. Plus, it’ll give your house a fresh face for the next round of celebrations!

For a More Thorough Cleaning

When it comes to Halloween, it’s not all sweet treats and scary movies.  Some people get a little carried away with the “trick” side of things, which can leave a big mess behind.  If you’re the unfortunate victim of holiday pranksters, we’re here for you. Our soft washing technique will work wonders on lingering toilet paper, raw eggs, and smashed pumpkins.  All without damaging your landscape or other delicate features.  Make sure you contact your homeowners insurance carrier following this vandalism, too.  Depending on your policy, they might even cover our services completely!

Hopefully, you have a safe, prank-free Halloween!  Just know if anything comes up and you need a little extra help, Peak Power Wash is at your service.  Although we’re based in Westminster, our territory extends all the way through Carroll County, out to Frederick, Baltimore, and Howard Counties in Maryland. Plus, we travel into Pennsylvania for places like Gettysburg, Littlestown, Hanover, and York.  Call us anytime for a free estimate!



Our home power washing and home pressure washing service area includes, but is not limited to: Archdale, Clemmons, Eden, Elon, Graham, Greensboro, High Point, Jamestown, King, Kernersville, Lewisville, Madison, Mayoden, Oak Ridge, Reidsville, Summerfield, Stokesdale, Thomasville, Trinity, Walkertown, Winstom Salem, North Carolina