Gas vs Electric – What’s the Best Choice For You?

If you’re considering doing power washing yourself or even purchasing a power washer to own, there are two main options when it comes to how they’re powered, gas vs electric. Both of course will employ water, but how that water gets run through the Washer can vary. The two main categories we’ll be discussing today are Gas and Electric. So let’s go over Pros and Cons!

Gas Powered Power Washers

Whether gas powered or Electric, both varieties are fairly straightforward. Gas Power Washers often feature similar set ups to other gas-powered devices such as generators, lawn mowers, weed wackers and leaf blowers. They feature a choke, throttle, fuel tank, a primer, and most have a pull-cord start. As with these other pieces of equipment, gas is required to power the device rather than running electric to it. Some require a combination of two stroke oil or other lubricants and gasoline in the tank, so be sure to consult your manual before you fill it! The largest advantage of the gas powered platform is the elimination of a cable or dedicated power source in the home to be utilized, and therefore can be moved more freely with increased often times.

Electric Power Washers

Electric powered power washers work in a very similar fashion to their gas powered counterparts. While gas powered require refueling whenever the tank is emptied, electric have no such limit to them as long as they have a constant supply of water. Also unlike Gas Powered, there is no need for use of items such as a choke, a throttle, or for the source to be primed so they are not featured on electric. Once the water source is hooked up and the power is on for the Washer, you can just point and shoot where you need to. However, the largest downside is the need for a constant supply of power from your home. It can be a difficult task to keep the water hose and power line separate, and can lead to kinks in the waterline more often.

Whichever you choose, gas vs electric, power washing is a safe and efficient way to keep your home’s exterior it’s cleanest. If you opt to get it done professionally, Peak Power Wash is here to help and ready to get the job done!



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