House Cleaning Tips for a Flu-Free Home

It’s that time of year when Maryland and Pennsylvania residents are getting sick of winter. Too many individuals, however, are also getting sick from winter. More specifically, it’s the flu that’s got so many of us under the weather. Cases of influenza have been widespread throughout the area, and there’s still a couple more months to go until we’re out of flu season.

Avoiding these harmful germs is difficult during the winter months when everyone is cooped up indoors and the low humidity levels of interior air keep the virus alive longer than at other times of the year. Regularly washing your hands and covering your face during coughs and sneezes is great practice, but germs still manage to be passed around. So, what can you do to keep your living space germ-free? A little household cleaning is the key to limiting the flu’s ability to make its way through your home. Even pressure washing a home’s exterior can help make you more comfortable during the sick season.

Scrub Your Surfaces

Flu germs can live outside the body for up to 24 hours, and the locations most susceptible to the long-lasting microbes are the hard surfaces you touch several times a day. Light switches, remote controls, coffee pots, doorknobs, thermostats, sink faucets and controls, cabinet handles, keyboards, and electronic devices are just some of the everyday items that could be crawling with flu bugs. Keeping these areas clean will cut down on the spread of germs, but to kill them you will need to use sanitizer. As much as we love the all-natural biodegradable cleaners like vinegar and tea tree oil, you’ll need something stronger to effectively eliminate dangerous germs such as influenza or norovirus. Check a cleaning product’s label before buying to see if it will kill these viruses. Eco-conscious consumers can also live flu-free; several environmentally friendly disinfectants are available on the market.

Do Lots of Laundry

Germs may hang around longer on hard surfaces, but they’re also fond of fabric. Bathroom and kitchen towels that are frequently handled are especially at risk, so they should be changed at least daily, especially if you suspect you or a family member is falling ill. Dish rags, blankets, sheets, and even throw pillows also should be regularly replaced or laundered. Washing and drying in high heat is preferred, as germs are unable to withstand the temperature.

Breathe Easy with Pressure Washing

Pressure washing not only makes exterior surfaces look beautiful and new, it kills bacteria and removes allergens and other pollutants from your property. As a result, you’ll breathe cleaner air, and the improvement will be especially appreciated if the flu or another illness has you or a family member experiencing respiratory problems. Pressure washing also eliminates mold and mildew, which otherwise thrive on dirty surfaces over a wet winter. The fungus can eventually work its way inside a home, where it compromises air quality and is especially troublesome for those with mold allergies.

Coming down with the flu might leave you feeling like you need to call 9-1-1, but we advise calling (443) 686-WASH. That’s the number of Peak Power Wash, and our exterior cleaning specialists are available to wash those harmful allergens and pollutants off your home and property. And we can promise you’ll never get sick of our quality workmanship, or the 100% satisfaction guarantee that comes with it.



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