Fall Home Improvement Projects

Fall Home Improvement

Fall is a great time to tackle some key home improvement projects. There’s less rain and the temperatures are cooler. It’s the perfect season for mulching, painting, maintenance, and similar projects before winter arrives. Here are a few suggestions to put on your to-do list.

Mulch Perennials

When days grow shorter, perennials start to store energy in their roots to get them through winter. Applying a layer of mulch around your garden perennials will give them extra nutrients and protection. More mulch also means less weeding in the spring. 

Clean the Fireplace

It’s important to get your fireplace and chimney cleaned every year. Unmaintained fireplaces are a major fire hazard. A buildup of creosote, debris, and soot can erupt in flames. Schedule a cleaning and inspection before the cold temperatures arrive. 

Clean Out the Gutters

This is an important and necessary fall home improvement project. Overflowing gutters can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home. The water can result in siding damage, cracked driveways and concrete, mold, roof damage, and basement flooding. There are products you can buy that will help maintain your gutters. 

Paint the Front Door

A freshly painted front door can greatly enhance the curb appeal of your home. The drier days and cooler temperatures in September are perfect for this project. 

Other Painting Projects

Fall is also a good time to paint interior molding and trim. A fresh coat can transform a room and control dust and dirt. If your bedroom hasn’t had fresh paint in years, repaint it and change out the decorations. Paint your home exterior as well to protect your habitat from the elements. 

Caulk Borders

Take time to caulk or re-caulk your windows and doors. Water, bugs, and drafty winds can get in through unsealed nooks and crannies. Doing this project can save you money in heating and cooling bills.

Power Washing

Fall is a good time to consider power washing your home. It will get rid of mildew on the siding and free up dirt and grime. It’s also a good idea to pressure wash your deck or patio to clean up dirt, debris, and spills from the summer season. This job is best left to a professional who will know how to get it done right. 

Fall Tool Storage

When fall projects are done, clean up lawn tools and equipment and put them away. Proper storage and cleaning will ensure your favorites are in working order when spring arrives. Store them in a safe, dry storage area. 

Prep Lawn Tools

Before tools are put away, they should be cleaned. Wash away soil with a garden hose. Soak the tools in a bucket of soapy water. Rinse the tools and dry them. Inspect for rust and scrub it away with a stiff wire brush or steel wool. Remember to sharpen blades and edges on shovels, hoes, snips, and pruners. 

Turn to Us for Your Power Washing Needs  

If you are ready to spruce up your outdoor space, the professionals at Peak Power Wash can help. We can clean your home exterior or tackle your deck, fence, sidewalk, or driveway. We use a technique called “soft wash”, which uses a much lower amount of pressure and reduces potential harm to surfaces. Contact us at 443-686-WASH or visit our website to request a free estimate.



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