Fall Deck Care: Keep Yours in Prime Shape

While you enjoy the last few weeks of deck time, basking in the still warm sunshine of September, it’s time to make some plans to give the deck a good scrubbing before cooler weather arrives. When the leaves start to fall, they can build up, adding to the dirt and grime already left on the deck from the summer. Here are some fall deck care tips.

Wash it Off

Give the surface of the deck a thorough washing before the debris gets trapped under winter snow and ice which can lead to mold and fungus. A power washer is a key way to quickly spray away the gunk and clean all the way down to the grain of the wood.

Reseal Your Deck

To ensure your wooden deck is water-resistant, make sure it is sealed. Exposing your deck to water without a sealant will result in swelling, twisting, cupping or buckling. Also, be sure to get rid of any standing water. Puddles can seep into improperly sealed wood or trigger mold growth on the deck surface. Use a mop or stiff brush to remove the water.

Get the Leaves Off

Don’t forget to sweep off fallen leaves, acorns, twigs and pine needles that collect on the deck. If left alone, they will cause discoloration and mold growth on the deck boards. Debris also builds up in the space between the deck boards, leading to rot. Clean that out too. 

Check the Deck for Rot

After the deck is shiny and clean, look for visual signs of water damage and peeling sealant. Next, walk around the deck to check for loose, creaky or bouncy boards. Look under the deck as well. Use a flashlight to inspect the joists for wood rot, mold or termite damage. Taking time for fall deck care now will pay off when spring rolls around.

Problems to Address

As hardwood decks age over time, maintenance work will be necessary.

Give the deck a once-over with your eyes for raised nails, cracked or split wood, warped or loose planks, rotting boards and unstable railings. Get these issues addressed before the deck is exposed to winter conditions.

When to Clean

The ideal time to give your deck a good washing is at the end of the fall season, after you store away the patio furniture and planters. Giving the deck a good fall cleaning is crucial to preventing the growth of mold and mildew on the wood during the winter.

Ready For a Power Wash?

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