Exterior Surfaces to Clean When Selling Your Home (And Which Ones You Can Power Wash)

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and Mother Nature certainly seems to have a lot of the former. Your home’s exterior surfaces are vulnerable to the elements as they keep you protected, and can suffer a lot of wear over time. This is a problem when you’re ready to put your home on the housing market but don’t have a huge budget for renovations! Luckily, cleanliness is a great way to increase curb appeal and get through the grit to determine what needs fixing and what just needs a touch-up. Here are some exterior surfaces to clean when selling your home.

The House Itself

Siding is a biggie when it comes to bringing your home’s exterior up to scratch! Get rid of any mold, mildew, pollen, dirt, dust, clay, pollutants, and general grime with a good power wash. Below are some Just remember to watch the windows and any surrounding greenery!

Decks and Porches

Decks and porches are a great way to increase your home’s curb appeal, and you can’t have them looking gritty! Concrete porches, front steps, and stoops are best cleaned with a careful power wash, but decks are a bit more complicated. Natural wood decking can be power washed, but only using lower water pressure (soft wash) to avoid splinters and gouges. They’ll also need to be resealed or stained afterwards. Composite or low-maintenance decking can be power washed as well, although you should be able to get some stains off with good old soap, water, and sponges.


Fencing follows much of the same rules as decking– take extra care when power washing wooden materials and remember that you’ll need to repaint the wood afterwards. Of course, this will only make your property look even better, but keep the extra step in mind as you plan your cleaning schedule!

Concrete Flooring

Goodbye, oil and rust stains! Scour your concrete garage floor, patio, or pool deck with a thorough power wash. You might be surprised at how clean your concrete can look!

Garden Walls and Masonry

Don’t forget the garden! Paver, flagstone, or brick patios, retaining walls, and walkways can all be power washed with a gentle soft wash technique. Clear up the dirt stains from garden soil and rainstorms to return their original luster! You’ll also want to watch for weeds sneaking up between pavers.

Doors and Windows

For these, power washing is obviously not the way to go– but soap, water, and a bit of glass cleaner will do the trick nicely.

Outdoor Furniture

Don’t forget any benches, tables, chairs, or other outdoor furniture while making the rounds! Wipe each piece down and consider repainting or getting rid of anything that’s facing a particularly deep amount of wear.

Driveways and Sidewalks

If your driveway hasn’t developed the cracks and fissures that necessitate a resealing, give them a good washing! Concrete driveways and sidewalks are both good power washing candidates.


Whether you prefer a professional car wash or a bit of dish soap and the garden hose, it’s time to get your car clean! Everything on your property will reflect on your home, whether consciously or unconsciously, so don’t leave your vehicle by the wayside.

Sheds and Playground Equipment

Don’t forget the backyard! Believe it or not, childrens’ swing sets can be power washed. And if it’s made of vinyl, aluminum, cedar, stone, asbestos, stucco, or brick, so can your garden shed! And if you find yourself facing a surface that isn’t safe to power wash, just remember: dish soap, the garden hose, and a scrub brush can work wonders.

Ready For a Power Wash?

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