3 Ways You Can Make Environmentally Friendly Decisions at Home

Ways You Can Make Environmentally Friendly Decisions at Home

All across America, people have been making efforts to minimize their carbon footprint. And with Earth Day marking its 50thanniversary this April, there will be more of a spotlight than ever on the importance of embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle. But while some people go to extremes to achieve sustainability, there are several simple ways to have an environmental impact. Here are three decisions you and your family can make that will help the planet.

Appliance Compliance

Replacing old appliances with new ENERGY STAR-certified models is a wise decision for homeowners. After several years on the market, many energy-efficient products are now similarly priced to their power-hungry counterparts, while still offering significant savings in energy consumption. But even with these appliances’ falling prices, making high-cost purchases is not possible for many families. So how do those who are stuck with old appliances make an environmental impact? The easiest way is to just unplug. That could mean unplugging appliances when they’re not in use, because even when turned off, many products continue to use electricity. But it also means limiting the use of appliances. While there’s no replacing a hot water heater or stove, many smaller items are not so necessary. If you’re able, consider reducing your reliance on electric can openers, blenders, carvers, and coffee grinders. Even substituting one or two dishwasher cycles a week with a manual washing will make an impact.

Water Waste

There may be no greater convenience than running water, but too much of it is going down the drain. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American household wastes around 10,000 gallons of water annually due to water leaks, inflating water bills by approximately 10%. Instead of flushing away so much money, fix leaky faucets, valves, pipes, and toilet flappers. Additionally, installing low-flow or adjustable-flow faucets drastically reduces the amount of water a household uses, as does making no-cost lifestyle changes such as taking shorter showers. Turning off the water while brushing teeth and shaving can save around eight and 10 gallons per day, respectively.

Greener Cleaner

Just because a product is green doesn’t mean it can’t clean. In fact, many all-natural cleaners and biodegradable detergents quickly and effectively cut through tough layers of dirt and grime just as easily as chemical-containing cleaning agents, and without relying on toxic materials that pollute the air and water, or taking 1,000 years to decompose, as petroleum-based products do. Whether you’re cleaning the kitchen, doing the laundry, sealing a deck, or power washing the house, make sure the products and services you use employ sustainable practices and safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly ingredients.

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