Do Pressure Washers Save Water

do pressure washers save water

The warm summer months are typically when water conservation comes into play.  Although we’ve had a pretty wet season so far—at least throughout Maryland—it only takes a little while with temperatures this high for that to change.  If you want to do your part to lower your water usage, consider trading in your garden hose for a pressure washer.  Do pressure washers save water ?You may be surprised to find out why.

Efficiency is Key

You probably don’t spend a lot of time contemplating the design of power washers.  Still, compare it for a second to your average garden hose. Usually, the nozzle is much smaller, which allows for a more controlled release of water.  So, even though it seems like more water is being forced out, pressure washing uses about 68% less water on average.  When you’re comparing gallons per minute (a common unit of measurement in this case), you’re talking about 20 with a regular hose, versus closer to 2 with the right pressure washer.  So, when you’re really trying to cut down on your usage, consider calling in the professionals who can maximize efficiency with their technique.

Under Pressure

Apart from a more restricted opening, there’s also pressure behind the stream of water.  Not only does this give power washers the force of a much stronger (and larger) stream, but also, it helps to clean dirty surfaces better!  Part of this is common sense, while the other part involves a bit of science.  A good pressure washer actually charges the water molecules a little bit.  This helps them stick to dirt, grease, allergens, etc. and remove them from common areas without the use of harsh chemicals.  The kinetic energy behind the machine allows for a greener approach—both chemically, as well as from a water conservation standpoint.

Keep the Temperature in Mind

When you think about your water-dependent appliances, which do you think is better:  warm temperatures or cool temperatures?  Well, with pressure washing it’s a little different. Using hot water, or even just warm water, for a portion of your cleaning project can drastically reduce the amount you have to expend overall.  Although it may seem like a small difference, this can cut down the amount of time needed to complete the job (thus how much water it takes), plus how strong of a cleaner you need.  Just make sure you discuss this with the professional first to ensure all chemicals and pressure are safe for your surfaces, as well as their equipment.

When it comes to going green, we make it easy for you at Peak Power Wash!  We’re happy to help conserve your water usage this summer, even while we switch out the harsh chemicals for more eco-friendly solutions.  While we can’t swap out our pressure washers for every project around the house, call us today for a free estimate throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania.



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