What Dad Really Wants This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is almost upon us, which means many well-meaning family members will be sifting through the latest in tech, tools, and novelty items to find a gift for dad. But the things most men want won’t be found on store shelves or purchased from an online retailer. Instead, fathers favor a personal touch, a gift made with love or given with him specifically in mind. Here are four presents sure to please your pop this Father’s Day.

Something Handmade

There’s nothing that will fill a father’s heart with pride more than a handcrafted memento made with love. DIY cards and handmade picture frames give him something he can display on his desk at work, while letters, songs, and paintings are other sentimental choices. A gift made by his children will bring immense joy and be something he holds onto for the rest of his life.

A Special Day

Sort through dad’s list of hobbies and treat him to a day centered around his interests. Many dads are sports fans, so try to score some playoff tickets to a Capitals game, take in opening day at the Orioles or Nats’ ballpark, or treat him to some tailgating before going to watch the Ravens play. If he’s into the outdoors, spend a day hiking or biking on one of Maryland’s nearly 900 trails, go fly-fishing on the Potomac, or charter fishing in the Chesapeake. Some dads aren’t the sporting type, but there’s still plenty they love to do. He might be thrilled to tour a battlefield or historic site, or maybe an afternoon at the museum followed by an evening at the theater would be to his liking. Whatever you decide to do, the important thing is to do it together. As much as dad may love his hobbies, he loves his family more.


Some gifts money can’t buy. If you’d describe your dad as a hard worker, what he really wants might just be a little break. So, turn off his alarm clock and let him sleep in for a day, or even an entire weekend. And once he’s up, let him put his feet up and relax. That means handling all his chores, from mowing the lawn and pulling weeds to doing laundry and taking out the trash. And perhaps most painful of all, let him handle the TV remote.

A Clean House

After a long day of work, the last thing dad wants is to step around, over, or on clutter strewn about the house. Take a few minutes to tidy up, paying special attention to high traffic areas and his most frequented rooms. But there’s also work to be done outside the house. Much of dad’s efforts in the evenings and on weekends involves sprucing up the home’s exterior, so give him a hand by hiring a professional power washing company. In just a couple of hours, power washing will restore your home’s beauty and give it that like-new luster he loves.

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