Curb Appeal Projects That Won’t Break the Bank

curb appeal projects

Are you looking to spice up the outside of your home? Here are some curb appeal projects that won’t break the bank.

“Curb appeal” are the two words front and center on the minds of individuals looking to put a house on the market. Competition is fierce and homeowners are desperate to give their abode every advantage. That often means investing in projects designed to make the home as attractive as possible to potential buyers. But with finances tight for many, and available funds often earmarked for a new home purchase, it can be difficult to find money for major work such as roof replacement or new exteriors. Fortunately, however, there are many simple tasks that can be completed on nearly any budget that will go a long way toward boosting curb appeal. Here are some of our favorites.

Focus on the Front

The front porch is the entryway to a house, and often the first thing onlookers notice about a home, so give it the attention it deserves. Painting the front door is an inexpensive project that offers excellent return, especially when coated in a bright and bold color that contrasts a home’s exterior. Upgrade old doorbells, doorknobs, and knockers, and give the door a personal touch by adding a wreath or another decorative element. Position porch planters on each side of the door and fill them with colorful flowers like geraniums or hydrangeas. Eliminate unnecessary clutter but keep some cozy furniture like accent chairs or a porch swing to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that excites buyers with pleasant outdoor living possibilities.

Love Your Landscaping

A manicured lawn and flower beds sends the message that this is a home that has been well-maintained and loved. Encourage visitors to take a closer look by installing a curved walking path to the front door. The rounded design adds rhythm and flow to the property and is pleasing to the eye, especially when lined with small shrubs and flowers. To have a home stand out from others in the neighborhood, give it an exotic look by planting small ornamental trees, or other fast-growing species like Japanese maple and river birch. If you are particularly proud of your gardens, accentuate your work with architectural elements like an arbor or trellis.

Freshen Exteriors

A fresh coat of paint will certainly give a home’s appearance a boost, but at a price tag of thousands of dollars, it’s not an option for many homeowners. You can still give it the upgrade it needs, however, and at a fraction of the cost with a professional power washing. By removing layers of dirt, dust, and grime, power washing will restore the luster to your home and make exteriors sparkle as if they were brand new. Power washing also cleans your porch, deck, patio, sidewalks, driveways, and other surfaces that would not have been enhanced with just an exterior paint job.

If you need a quick blast of curb appeal, give Peak Power Wash a call. You’ll be met with affordable, efficient, and courteous service that promptly cleans off dirt, mold, rust, grease, algae stains, bird droppings, and many other tarnishing substances. And by using Peak Power Wash, you have the peace of mind knowing your exterior surfaces are safe from the damage that can be caused by inexperienced or DIY power washers. Over our two-plus decades in the business, we’ve mastered a soft wash technique that effectively cleans even the most delicate surfaces, and we only use environmentally friendly detergents, so your home, pets, and plants won’t be harmed by harsh chemicals.



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