Clean Green

how to clean green

When it comes to cleaning your home, you want to make eco-friendly decisions.  Whether you’re worried about your family, your landscaping, or the environment as a whole, swapping your chemical-laden cleaners for something greener can make a big difference.  Even when trying to remove harsh stains from your exterior, you don’t have use harsh materials.  Ask for a free consultation about our soft washing technique.  It’s a green approach to pressure washing that leaves your surfaces just as clean—if not more so.

The Technique

Part of the concern about power washing your brick, stone, concrete, composite, or wood surfaces comes from the pressure.  People think that if you use a strong enough force, you can literally blast any dirt, mold, or grime away.  The problem with that approach is you can also remove part of the surface itself once your water pressure becomes too strong.  Especially when dealing with more fragile materials like aged masonry or wood, we don’t recommend full-blown power washing.  Instead, try our soft wash technique which uses only a fraction of the regular pressure.  It also uses less water, making it doubly eco-friendly.  So, how do we achieve a deep clean without the pressure?  It’s all about the cleansing agent(s).

The Cleaner(s)

Now, this is the real secret behind soft washing.  You don’t need a lot of force when you have the right combination of detergents. Part of what we do during our free estimation process is determine what we’re trying to treat.  Is there mold present?  What about mildew?  Water stains? Algae?  We’ve seen it all.  Fortunately, our experience is to your advantage.  Because we’ve dealt with pretty much everything at one point or another, we know exactly which detergent(s) will have the most impact. No matter what we choose, though, you can trust that we’re working with the most biodegradable and eco-friendly options on the market.  That way, even with our less-is-more approach, your landscaping is safe. While you’re left with the shiny clean surfaces you would expect from a professional power washing. 

Implementing green practices in your home is a great goal!  Swapping out environmentally friendly cleaners for your indoor hygiene is easy, but when it comes to getting a thorough clean outdoors, it’s harder to know what to use.  Leave that problem to Peak Power Wash!  Not only will we deliver the spotless finish you’d expect from pressure washing, but we’ll do so with less water and more eco-friendly detergents.  Try our soft washing technique and go green!




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