Make Your Pool Eco-Friendly


  There’s no better place to spend a hot summer’s day than by the swimming pool. It’s a popular spot with friends and family.  Plus, a quick dip in the water offers the ultimate relief from high temperatures. But while the pool is helping you make the most of the season, it could be harming the
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Stay on Schedule to Keep Concrete Clean

Clean Concrete

Concrete is a solid choice when it comes to driveways, sidewalks, and patios. It offers strength and durability while still being relatively simple to work with. Take your pick of various colors and decorative options, as you customize outdoor surfaces.  Then, enjoy a low-maintenance approach since concrete offers maximum protection for minimum effort. It does require
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Environmentally-Friendly Solutions


Environmentally-Friendly Solutions for Your Pressure Washer After working in this business for more than a decade, we’ve found a number of environmentally-friendly ways to make pressure washing more effective. Oil, grease, grime, mildew, rust stains, bird droppings—you name it. While we never know what stains will pop up next, we can use a pressure washer
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6 Eco-Friendly Tips to Keep Spiders Away from Your Home

Spiders may have eight legs, but they rate a full ten on the creepy list. Although we’re not big fans of this particular insect, we understand the benefits they bring to the home. Their insect-eating ways can be good for your garden, your patio, and your outdoor lighting, but how do you restrict them to these
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How to Repair Leaky Concrete Steps

concrete steps

There’s a lot to like about old homes. Quality construction, larger lots, and lower price tags are just some of the reasons potential buyers prefer established homes.  Of course, with character comes maintenance—especially when you have concrete steps leading to your new door. One common concern with concrete is its tendency to deteriorate over time. In
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Playground Maintenance Made Easy


As a homeowner, you may find that your playground isn’t all fun and games.  In fact, this backyard equipment requires regular maintenance to ensure it’s in good shape and safe.  Still, don’t let this extra work prevent you from installing something your family will truly enjoy!  Just stay ahead of these steps and reach out
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Prepare Your Deck for Summer Fun!

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to take a closer look at your deck! Warm weather makes outdoor fun ideal, but it also exposes all the dirt and damage done to this recently unused space. Fortunately, you still have an opportunity to wash, repair, and re-stain your decking. If you start soon, you
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Work Smarter with Soft Wash

soft wash

You’ve probably heard the saying “Work smarter, not harder.” That’s the driving force behind our soft wash technique!  At Peak Power Wash, we believe that it’s better to come up with new and better techniques, rather than relying on outdated methods and brute force. Even though we appreciate the many advantages of pressure washing, we
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Prepare Your Patio for Spring!

Spring is officially here—is your patio ready?  Before your first big cookout of the season, we can help you prepare this outdoor area for entertaining.  With the right approach to cleaning, organizing, and decorating, it’ll feel like a completely redesigned space!  Without breaking the budget.  Step 1:  Cleaning To really see what we’re working with
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Before You Pressure Wash Your Siding…

Is your siding looking a little rough these days?  Whether you’re dealing with mold, algae, or general grime, take a second before you begin to pressure wash.  Especially if you’re thinking about DIYing this particular project, we want to share some professional insights!  From all of us at Peak Power Wash, here’s what you need
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