Black Mold Threat

The Black Mold threat. It’s a serious problem for a homeowner of any kind, and renters too! It may seem an uncommon issue you won’t run into in your home, but it’s more common than you think. It’s also probably more dangerous and harmful to you and your home’s health. It’s vital for you and all in your household to be capable of identifying signs and how to deal with it. Mold is highly toxic and should be addressed as soon as possible!

Spotting the black mold threat

Black mold is easy to identify when spotted, but it can pop in a lot of hard to reach or see places. It’s formation and growth are usually caused by the presence of moisture damage and/or warm wet conditions. It often starts as a very small patch, which is good to catch early to prevent rot or worsening conditions. Black mold forms as small dots of either a black, gray, blue, or in very rare cases orange.

Whether it’s an exterior or interior wall, it’s possible for it to form depending on the conditions. Due to the conditions it needs to form, it’s most often caused by leaks from a leaky pipe or waterline, or from flooding. If you see black mold in an area of your home, it is likely there is more and it is caused by one of these things. The earlier you discover the mold and deal with it, the easier it is to do so!

The Present Danger

Black mold is ugly to look at, harmful to your home, and most importantly – dangerous to your health. Breathing in the “fumes” it generates can lead to several health problems such like allergic reaction and asthma attacks, eye irritation, headaches, and even more. In very severe cases, it can even cause nausea and vomiting and even bleeding lungs. Constant exposure to black mold can also cause chronic health issues in the most severe cases. It’s very important to catch the mold early and keep your family safe by dealing with it.


Mold is a serious threat, but it is very possible to prevent its existence and spread in your home. Look for signs of moisture gathering in your home regularly, as it can most often start without our knowledge if we don’t keep an eye on it. Bleach is a good substance for removal, but only in safe areas for both you and the surface you are cleaning.

We highly recommend the best option of soft washing, which is effective and won’t create its own harmful fumes in the process as bleach will. If you need to schedule a thorough cleaning to remove or prevent mold, peak power wash is here to help!

Black mold is no laughing matter as is stressed in this article. For more information on prevention and protection, visit our further blogs on our website! We hope this article was helpful to you in your pursuit of a safer cleaner home.



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