Best candidates to power wash

Power washing is about the most efficient way to clean up outdoor spaces and surfaces. Not all surfaces are good to power wash in our previous article, but more are than not! Around your home, there are many places and materials that are perfect candidates for the process. Today we will go over some of the best candidates to power wash.

Large wall surfaces

Power washing is especially effective at taking multiple layers of grime and decay off large surface areas. Surfaces like siding, brick, and stonework are all greatly improved through power washing. The durability of the stone and brick allow them to take any major pressure from the washer that you throw at them, and the flexibility and construction of the siding makes it very steadfast. Before you begin, always verify the condition of the area is free of cracks or breaks in the grout, or plastic material. Power washing can quickly make a small problem much larger if it contacts a damaged area.

Decks and patios

Decks made of treated lumber repel water and allow for a great deal of abuse to roll off them. As such as grime, decay, spills or even mold build up on them, a power washing can make short work of removal.

Stone, concrete, and asphalt ground surfaces

Same with brick or stonework for the outside walls of your home, brick, stone, concrete, and asphalt pathways and driveways all stand up well to power washing. These surfaces tend to gather even more mess and pollutants due to the number of shoes carrying debris, automotive fluid spills and more passing over them. Power washing can remove years of wear from them in a matter of hours and leave them looking brand new!

Cars, and lawn equipment

Cars get messy from all their time in the elements. They need regular cleaning to prevent a dirty appearance and too much built-up scum resulting in worsened wear and tear. While damaged parts of a car can suffer further damage from power washing, a car in good shape can take the force and get cleaned very thoroughly this way! Everything from rims and tires to glass and plastic surfaces can be cleaned thoroughly. The same principles here apply well to lawn equipment such as lawn mowers. Stains, grass clippings, and other debris can all be washed off entirely with proper usage.

Power washing offers many great benefits to homeowners. Now that you’re aware of the best candidates to power wash, if you have any surfaces in need of a deep clean, power washing could be the way to go for you!



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