Before You Paint, Power Wash

why you should power wash before you paint

When you want to change up your exterior paint color, before you hire a residential painting contractor remember to power wash first!  Although this may not be the first step you think of, it’s nevertheless a very important one.  Just schedule this right in between picking a color and scheduling the painters, so you can enjoy the overall finish for longer!

Why Power Wash?

Well, much as you wouldn’t paint a bedroom or bathroom without wiping down the walls first, cleaning is the first step!  Not only will this give you a nice smooth surface to work with, but it also will help the paint adhere better in the long run.  Think about all of the things currently on your siding—grime, mold, maybe even moss.  Do you really want to trap that underneath a layer of fresh paint?  Of course not!  Plus, painting a home exterior is a pretty big undertaking.  If done properly, it can last 7 to 10 years.  Without a clean surface, though, you’re cutting that time in half.  Eventually that breaks down to double the time, double the expense, and less time enjoying your beautiful home!

The Only Way to Clean?

While power washing isn’t the only way to clean your home exterior, it’s certainly the fastest and most convenient.  Some people argue that scrubbing surfaces by hand produces the best clean, but is that realistic for an entire house?  Not really. By the time you finish with one section, another would already be dirty!  But, with a professional power washer on your side, you can have sparkling results in just a few hours.  No mess, no manual labor, and no harsh chemicals.  At least not with Peak Power Wash.  We use an eco-friendly approach that minimizes the number of harsh cleaners used.  Therefore, there’s less residue when it’s time to paint!

When Can I Paint?

Basically, as soon as your home’s exterior is dry.  With power washing, you don’t really need to worry about having multiple sessions. Although some jobs take a little longer than others, you should only need to power wash it once before you start painting.  The drying process is slightly different, depending on what type of exterior you have. Vinyl siding usually dries pretty quickly, so you can start painting the very next day (weather permitting)!  With wood siding, though, you may want to leave a full 24 to 48 hours to let it completely dry.  You don’t want to risk trapping moisture under the paint, which can cause problems long-term.  If you have specific questions about your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Although we don’t handle the painting part, our professionals at Peak Power Wash can have your home clean and ready for a color transformation.



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