Charm City Suds: Guide To Soft Washing

The Baltimore area is filled with beautiful homes, scenic landscapes, and picturesque city views. From Towson to Glen Burnie, the true spirit of the Mid-Atlantic region is captured in and around the gorgeous backdrop of the Chesapeake Bay and Charm City itself. This is why we’ve created this guide to soft washing.

But all of that splendor doesn’t just happen on its own – it requires careful maintenance and strategic upkeep in order to ensure the continued legacy of historic charm and human innovation that combine to make the Baltimore area one of the best places in the world to live. And in keeping with that tradition, today we’re going to address one way that you can contribute to the atmosphere, look, and feel of our great community: soft washing.

What Is Soft Washing?

In short, soft washing is a type of pressure washing that involves a skilled application of both lower-pressure water and biodegradable chemicals that gently remove mold, algae, pollen, moss and more from a variety of surfaces – without damaging the material underneath.

Like regular pressure washing, soft washing is still done with a commercial-grade power washer – the key is in the tools and the technique. Using special low-pressure nozzles and non-abrasive cleaning agents, soft washing is a great way to clean up a wide range of areas on and around the exterior of your home.

Why Does It Matter?

One of the things Baltimore is famous for is the historic scenery. As one of the nation’s first great cities and home to innumerable individuals of note, Charm City and the surrounding regions boast a wide variety of architectural styles and periodic design. The materials used in older construction get dirty just like any other, but tend to be a little more susceptible to damage from highly abrasive cleaning methods.

And of course, even if you don’t own a historic home, you can still benefit from a professional soft washing job. Your power washing expert will ensure that your home is given the cleaning it deserves, without causing expensive damages or leaving behind dangerous chemicals. Once your home is sparkly clean again, you’ll wonder how you ever went so long without bringing in the pros to clean things up.

Why Not Do It Yourself?

Residential and consumer-grade power washing equipment is readily available – and it’s certainly an option to tackle your next soft washing job as a DIY project. But when you bring in a pro, you’re benefiting from state-of-the-art equipment, professional expertise, and superior workmanship.

A power washing pro knows the exact combination of pressure and cleaning agents to use on your home to rejuvenate the exterior without leaving a trace. No streaky siding, gouged wood, or blasted brick – just a fresh, clean looking house that will have your Baltimore neighbors begging for a referral.



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