Three Mistakes To Avoid With Your Next Pressure Wash

Pressure Wash

The benefits of pressure washing are pretty apparent to the average consumer – and they go deeper than just a cleaner-looking home. Tough stains and deeply embedded dirt, pollen, and other stains can be lifted easily using the power of pressurized water and cleaning agents. Acidic residue from solutions used in and around the home – things like icemelt, motor oil, and other destructive chemicals can weaken seals, reduce the strength of concrete and asphalt surfaces, and eat away at the protective exterior of your home.

So when it comes to pressure washing, the question may be: why not do it? Well, in the case of a DIY pressure wash project, there are a few good reasons to reconsider – and maybe hire a pro. With that in mind, today we’ll be going over some of the mistakes a rookie pressure washer can make and why they can be more detrimental than not pressure washing at all.

Cleaning Naked

We aren’t talking about what you wear while you’re cleaning – although it’s important if you’re going to be using a power washer (even the lower end residential models) that you wear appropriate protective wear. No, we’re talking about the water that you’re putting on your home.

One of the biggest mistakes that inexperienced, amateur power washer users make is to simply fill the unit with water and start spraying. Without a proper mixture of water and cleaning solution, the cleaning effectiveness of your unit will be greatly reduced – and also risks spreading mold and other contaminants around, rather than neutralizing and removing them. This reduced cleaning power also leads to our next mistake…

Too Much Pressure

In order to compensate for a lack of cleaning agents, another common rookie mistake is to apply too much pressure. Even with a residential model, a power washer is a mighty tool – and it’s all too easy for an inexperienced user to carve into wood and other soft exterior surfaces, leaving deep scratches and gouges. And on top of the unsightly after image, this damage actually threatens the structural integrity of the materials by removing weatherproof seals and water resistant outer layers.

Out Of Order

The last big mistake that the average first-time pressure washer makes isn’t necessarily damaging and its effects aren’t permanent – but it can certainly be a real pain. Effective cleaning with a pressure washer requires some strategy, planning, and general know-how. Spraying surfaces out of order can result in streaky messes and grimy residue, courtesy of gravity and drying patterns. As a result, you may actually end up with a messier looking exterior than you started with!

So what’s the solution (no pressure wash pun intended)? If you’re going to tackle a pressure washing project as a DIY to-do item, it’s important to educate yourself about proper technique. Coming up with a plan can save you time, energy, and money – plus help you avoid costly damage. And if things start getting out of hand, always call the pros in early!



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