All About Soft Washing

The purpose of soft washing is the fact that it can gently clean the exteriors of your home at a reduced pressure.  There are just some home exteriors that you cannot use a power wash for. The high pressure can cause more damage to the surface. 

What Should You Know About Soft Washing?

For exterior surfaces that would be harder to clean with a high pressure, soft washing is the best option.  The more common exteriors that requires a reduced pressure are windows, roof shingles, and wood paneling.  There is a reason for the lowered pressure on these surfaces. They will get damaged if higher pressure is applied.  The most popular exterior that soft wash is used for is roofs. Algae on roofs causes a lot of damage if it is not cleaned off.  The algae can cause the shingles on your roof to rot and will destroy the purpose of your roof. 

Soft Wash Technique

Lessen any damage to your exteriors. use Soft wash for a low pressure, but high volume, of water. It is mixed with a combined amount of detergents to clean off the surface. For soft washing to be effective, it will have a higher concentration of cleaning chemicals with a higher amount of water rather than pressure. So, if it is being applied on the roof, leave it there to get rid of any unwanted algae.  But if it was being applied to your siding, we would typically rinse it off.

Why is Power Washing More Dangerous on These Surfaces?

When you are using a higher pressure on surfaces such as siding, windows, and roofs, you will be causing more problems for yourself in the near future. So, with a higher pressure, it could potentially break the seal of your siding where water could easily get trapped and create the development of mold.  Compared to power washing, soft washing actually benefits your home more because of the detergents that are used and how it actually breaks down any bacterial growth to make your home exteriors healthier.



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