6 Easy Ways to Cut Down on Cleaning Time

When you’ve got a packed schedule and a busy lifestyle, it can be hard to find the time for a thorough deep cleaning of your home and property. Here are six easy ways to cut down on cleaning time by taking a couple quick actions every day or week!

Wipe Your Feet When You Walk Through the Door. Seriously

“Don’t wear your shoes in the house” may or may not have been a mantra ringing in your ears as a kid, but the command should be heeded regardless! Cut back on the grit buildup in your home by placing a doormat inside and outside every entrance. Place a bin outside whatever door you use the most and have your family keep their rain boots, old sneakers, hiking boots, etc. in there instead of in the house. You might be surprised at how much it helps!

Put Away Clean Laundry Immediately

Who has the time to fold their socks? When you take a load out of the dryer, skip the in-between and put your clothes away immediately rather than letting them sit in the hamper or basket. There’s no real need to fold a shirt you’re going to hang up in two minutes, and combining the tasks means you won’t have to come back and finish later. It motivates you to get the job done in one go rather than leaving the laundry to sit until you can’t remember whether it’s clean or dirty!

Multitask and Clean As You Go

Got the laundry machine running? Perfect opportunity to vacuum the bedroom. Have ten minutes to spare before the frozen pizza comes out of the oven? Wipe down the (off and cooled!) stovetop and counters. Pick errant tissues, food wrappers, and other trash up as you see it. Clean up messes right after you make them. Obvious as it sounds, it’s a bad idea to sweep things under the rug to worry about later. Addressing problems as they arrive and taking things in stages cuts down on stress and time as molehills aren’t left alone to become mountains. Chances are, you have more fifteen minute breaks from the chaos than you do full afternoons to dedicate to deep cleaning!

Keep the Disinfectant Wipes Handy

Now that the cleaning product craze has died down, keeping disinfectant wipes on hand is a lot easier. Stash a container in each bathroom and your kitchen, as these areas tend to get filthy the fastest and have a lot of hard surfaces to be wiped down. Keep your sinks free of toothpaste and your kitchen counters clean of sticky puddles by giving things a quick wipe down whenever you notice things are getting less than sanitary. They also work on dust, if you’re a little behind on that front…

For Pet Owners…

Dog and cat hair gets everywhere. From carpeting to furniture to your favorite black pants, nothing escapes the stuff– and vacuuming every day isn’t the most appealing option. Luckily, lint remover rollers work on more than just clothing. Give any upholstered furniture or even rugs a couple swipes with the sticky tear-away paper on lint rollers for an easier fix. Don’t have one? Duct tape is surprisingly effective. Just make sure you’re not covering your armchair in tape!

Stain Removers

If you’re someone who tends to spill drinks or get grass stains on their favorite jeans, we have the cleaning solution for you. Break down stains before they have a chance to set with stain remover wipes or pens. They’re a whole lot more portable than a spray bottle and a toothbrush! Target tough stains when they first occur for a better chance of full removal and to save time when you’re doing the laundry later.

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