5 Things to Clean This Summer

Spring isn’t the only time of year for cleaning! Home maintenance is never out of season, and there’s a lot to keep clean that doesn’t directly involve your house itself. Here are a few things to clean this summer.


Pollen sticks around en masse even after allergy season has come and gone, and your car is sure to be covered in it– especially if you don’t have a garage to park inside of. Summer also brings a lot of hot, dry weather, resulting in more dirt and dust for your vehicle’s wheels to kick up and onto the once-spotless body of the car. Break out the garden hose, dish soap, and sponges to scrub your vehicle clean of allergens and grit– and don’t forget to give the interior a good vacuuming after your annual beach trip!

Decks and Fences

As always, power washing remains the most effective and efficient method of cleaning your decking and fencing, but if you’re looking for a more DIY approach, a good old scrub brush and soap will get the job done for composite materials. So-called low maintenance (or maintenance-free) fences and decks still require periodic cleaning, albeit much less than other materials. Luckily, layers of grit can be removed fairly easily with a bit of scrubbing. Mold and mildew, however, poses more of a challenge, as does wooden decking, so the combination of pressurized water and an expert blend of detergents brought by professional power washing will be your best bet.


Clear the way for cannonballs and splash wars before your first backyard gathering! Remember to fish any leaves, pine needles, dead bugs, or other debris from your pool periodically and maintain the correct level of chlorine in the water. While you’re at it, it’s a good idea to keep the surrounding area free of low-hanging branches and overgrowth to make your job easier in the future. And if you’ve got a concrete pool deck, remember that the surface can be power washed to bring back its original appeal!

Playground Equipment

Did you know that playground equipment can be power washed? Backyard swing sets and jungle gyms are subject to the elements just like any other surfaces, and you don’t want your kids to be climbing all over a filthy surface. Clear away the grit or mildew to give them a safe place to play and restore the equipment’s shine. Your backyard will look all the better for it!

Garden Sheds and Walkways

Flower beds aren’t the only part of your garden that need regular watering. Give your shed and any walkways a soft wash bath to get rid of the dirt, pollen, mold, and mildew that have crept in over the past year. Increase the curb appeal of your property and keep the dirt where it belongs. Keep up with the cleaning and, as a bonus, keep your carpets clearer of grit by decreasing the amount of dirt your family’s shoes will track in!

Ready For a Power Wash?

Now that you know what things to clean this summer you can reach out to us. Peak Power Wash has been offering power washing services to the Carroll, Baltimore, Howard, and Frederick county areas of Maryland (as well as York and Adams counties of Pennsylvania) since 1998. We are a family-owned-and-operated business based in Westminster, Maryland that prides itself in quality workmanship and customer satisfaction above all else. If it’s time for your home’s exterior to get a good cleaning, give us a call at 443-686-WASH (9274) or fill out our quick online form here for a free estimate. We look forward to working with you!



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