5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Increase Curb Appeal

Are you wondering how to increase curb appeal? Because anyone who’s ever put their home on the housing market knows the drill: curb appeal is key. Just like first impressions matter among individuals, so does a passerby’s street view of your home. Curb appeal literally speaks to the appeal of your home from the curb– how it looks to potential buyers from the outside. After all, who hasn’t driven by a particularly lovely property and wished they could live there? Of course, we can’t all own picture-perfect three-story Tudors or million-dollar cottages, but there are many inexpensive ways to increase curb appeal. It doesn’t take a flashy remodel to make a good impression!

Repaint Your Trim

Replacing your siding or repainting your entire house can be a huge (not to mention expensive) undertaking, but small touches are just as important and far more feasible. Freshen up the trim on your home’s exterior, especially around your windows and including your shutters. Consider painting your front door as well, especially if it doesn’t already match the color of your shutters. This adds a cohesiveness to your home’s design and helps it look like new.

Wash All Glass

Cleanliness is everything! Remember to wash and wipe down your windows, any glass doors, and outdoor lighting features. Porch lights and such accrue dust and cobwebs more quickly than you think, especially as they’re not on the usual cleaning list. Take the opportunity to wipe down your porch railings, if you have any, and as we said above, add a fresh coat to any painted surfaces. Your curb appeal will rocket in no time!

Trim Your Lawn

Your yard can make or break your home’s presentation! Make sure to keep your grass trimmed and the edges of your garden or flower beds neat. Reseed bare patches and consider mulching any garden space. Remember to week, water your plants, and trim overgrown bushes or trees. Another note: while you’re at it, check for any dead wood in trees close to your house, and consider consulting an expert as to whether they’re at risk of falling in inclement weather. Emitting safety risks is crucial both for you and potential buyers!

Add Some Color

In spring and summer, there’s nothing more appealing than a property full of greenery and bursts of colorful flowers. You’ve gotten your home ready– now show it off! Plant flowers around your porch, stoop, patio, or deck space for a pop of color that’ll make all your hard work stand out. And if you have any playground equipment or vehicles outside your home, make sure to give them a good cleaning as well. Small things like this add some life to your property and allow potential buyers to envision themselves making it their own in turn.

Give Your Property a Good Power Wash

Give your house a bath that’ll have it looking as good as new! Mold, mildew, grime, and pollutant buildup are inevitable on outdoor surfaces, but that’s where pressure washing comes in. When a sponge and dish soap just won’t do, power washing cuts through the grime quickly and efficiently. At Peak Power Wash, we use a soft wash technique that minimizes any risk of damage overly high pressure would hold. Cleanliness is rule number 1 of curb appeal, and from your home’s siding and hardscapes to its deck or fence, we’ll give your property the affordable facelift it deserves.

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